19 March 2011


Why oh why must I go to work today? I'd much rather listen to the chirpy bird sounds this morning through my open windows. It's so lovely and breezy out; I would definitely be reading out on my porch, if I had a porch. Though I ought to be getting started on my homework, I think I will sit here and enjoy my third cup of coffee. mmm mm.

I entered Anna's giveaway with EmersonMade. You should check them out! They have some adorable blouses. I'm partial to the fishy print one.

Also, this sweet friend of mine has a great writing style to express her strong, well-reasoned opinions. She's started writing for InsideCatholic.com, and you can the latest article she's written here.

Enjoy your Saturday!

17 March 2011

Erin go bragh, y'all

I don't own much green, so for festivity's sake I put a little leprechaun gold on my eyelids today:
It's so much fun; I'm really gonna have to exercise restraint to not wear it to class every day!
Now I'm going to drink a Guinness and relax from all the driving I've done this week...

13 March 2011


Today, my church held a special Mass with priests from 7 different Catholic rites concelebrating the Byzantine liturgy. It was so cool to be a part of. They brought in icons from a Byzantine Catholic church nearby and set them up in front of the altar. Their vestments were all different, and very beautiful; we stood the whole time and everything was chanted a cappella. We were also literally spoon-fed Communion by the priests! The whole celebration was a unique experience for me; it was different from the Latin rite, but still definitely a Catholic Mass! I'm really glad that the churches decided to organize this, and I hope they hold another one so that more Roman Catholics will attend and learn more about the universality of our Faith.

10 March 2011

I can't title all these

Coming up with creative titles is practically impossible for me. Come to think of it, I don't think I titled my pronoun paper the other day...whoops.

The movie last night was cute, I suppose. Pretty actors in pretty clothes. (The entire wardrobe was provided by J.Crew, soooo....) But it just sort of ended. We've noticed that's a trend for a lot of movies these days, that there's no closure. I guess that makes it more like 'real life' where not every situation is summed up perfectly and everyone's happy, but it's not as fun to watch.

A cleanup crew came through our street yesterday and chopped off the tops of all the trees and scraped up all the underbrush. It opened up the view a lot but I liked it better before, all rambly and overgrown.

09 March 2011

Halfway through the week

Hoorah, it's Wednesday!
Since it's the week before spring break, I expected the week to drag, but it hasn't been too slow! It's quite yucky outside today though, so after Ash Wednesday Mass, the roomies and I are going to watch The Romantics. It reminds me of A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, but more dramatic. I'm happy to have a relaxing evening, since I was up late last night writing a paper on 3rd person pronouns in academic essays. Not quite as boring as it sounds, believe it or not.

08 March 2011


Well, I've decided to start a blog.

I have no long-term aim or goal for it, much like my life, but I'm sure it will contain projects, purchases, and plans (oh, hey, there's that alliteration I promised).

Running off to work now, but here's a picture of my delicious after-class snack today:

Tastes just like homemade. mmm.