14 May 2011


I'm now a college graduate! It's such an exciting thing to think about, especially since I'm lucky enough to have a job waiting for me this fall. The graduation ceremony was indicative of the atmosphere at UGA; it was full of [slightly buzzed] kids acting silly with their friends while trying to be a part of something serious. I've grown a lot in Athens while making some great memories and learning inside and outside the classroom. <sigh> Love it here.

During the graduation ceremony I carried this little adorable little bag that I snagged at a clothing swap. The pop of robin's egg blue was a nice contrast to my gray dress.

And after the ceremony I celebrated with Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia champagne. It's in a mini can. (A pink one). And comes with a straw.

I've had a wonderful time this weekend with all my friends and family :)

01 May 2011


I decided to change my blog title because 1: it's way more fun. And, 2: it suits me better.

I was a little disappointed with the cleanse last week. I don't know what I expected from it, but I didn't feel drastically different. By the 5th day of it, though, I was definitely feeling healthier and accustomed to not eating carbs. I was still pretty hungry though and my muscles felt a little weak when I went running, which may have meant that I needed more quick fuel for the cardio workout. Regardless, I'm sure it did my body good to have a break from the stuff I eat regularly, and it's easier to see how I should change my daily habits.

Something I've been wanting to try for a while now is making my own hummus, so today I made a batch from a recipe on the Family Fun website. It was really easy and is super yummy. I flavored it with garlic, my favorite, but I'd like to think of some other additions for next time. Suggestions?

 My new thrifted pinecone necklace!